Book Club Feb Week 1: Deep Work

by Diane Wolf in Blog, Book Club
February 7, 2017 0 comments


I hope you enjoyed our journey through Getting Things Done, and are looking forward to our new book, Deep Work by Cal Newport.

The first two chapters of Cal’s book were really all about convincing us of the need to learn to do what he calls ‘Deep Work’ or really focusing on the task at hand and minimizing distractions. It really struck me, because, like many of us, I tend to be a bit (okay… a lot) of a multi-tasker. He gave great evidence for why we should turn off access to emails etc. for the period of time during which we want to concentrate on a task, and stay fully focused.

You can read these chapters, or you can simply pay attention to this analogy. He talks about the neurology of deep work (and many of you know that my second degree was in neuro-physiological psychology, so this certainly resonates with me… myelin sheaths getting thicker on neuronal pathways that are repeated… pure delight! But, I’ve taken what he said and created my own analogy…

Imagine that you want to make a pathway in the weeds at your house, and you have two hours to do it. You can either spend the two hours walking back and forth where you want the path, or you can keep darting into the weeds off the planned path to chase butterflies. At the end of the two hours, which strategy will give you an easier path to follow? Seems pretty clear when you look at it that way!

I’m definitely a butterfly chaser… going to log off now and get work done!

Best, Diane

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