Book Club Feb Week 3: Deep Work

by Diane Wolf in Blog, Book Club
February 21, 2017 0 comments


This week’s email is short, but that’s because you have an important piece of homework to do. The concept for this email is ACCOUNTABILITY.

If you really want to learn to focus and do the deep work, you need to have some system to keep you accountable. Some people are self-motivated enough that they can use their own system without needing another person, but most of us need to have someone else on our team to nag… I mean help us to keep going. We cannot rely on how motivated we feel, because we all have times when we just don’t want to keep going. Accountability partner to the rescue!

The Women Excelling in Business (WEB) group that I co-founded with two partners ( in case you haven’t been to our site) hosts a monthly Mastermind dinner, where members get some time on the hot seat so we can help them with their business challenges and hold them accountable. It’s been a fabulous resource for our members. If you don’t have a local group like ours where you are, you can also meet via Skype or Zoom to start a mastermind group, or you can just partner up with one person to hold each other accountable.

So, homework for this week is to find someone or a group to be your accountability system, and report back on our facebook page.

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Best, Diane

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